I became chemically sensitive to the paints I was using a few years out of art school & spent the next decade trying all kinds of nontoxic media. Returning to school I found digital imaging had evolved to an art form of its own. My paintings can be purchased as framed prints, acrylic prints, on canvas, posters & greeting cards, as mugs & pillows and a variety of tshirts. In addition to festive events, my abstracts are particularly suited for business, condolence & get well occasions, as they are painted to convey a frequency of healing energy that like music, might be universally, if silently, appreciated. Take a look around, everything here has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

From Columbia College Chicago I have a BA in Studio Arts and from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago I have a BFA in Art & Technology Studies and an MFA in Studio Arts. I work and live with my family in the suburban midwest.