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The objects in the vials, the assemblages (french term; “ahsem/blahj”, silent “es”), are usually self explanatory; a leaf, a twig, some lake water, sandpaper, food scraps, cotton, building materials … representing everyday objects we use and find, small traces of our daily lives. I place them in glass and sometimes in saline as a framing device so we can appreciate them, however humble, for their formal & conceptual beauties.

The contents of the vial below are tissue paper that was wrapped around some throat lozenges, and saline solution. I peeled the liner paper away, placed it in a vial and when it seemed a little too inert, i added the saline. Especially with the little air bubbles (zoom), it became other-worldly beautiful … at least to me.

Liner Tissue In Saline, 2019 Winter

Names for vials that appear “empty” (below), containing both the air and microscopic residue from a particular moment in time, refer to ideas and events that occur mainly, though not always, during the days or date the vials are open. These vials, sealed with molecular remnants inside them, are titled conceptually the way any painting, sculpture, song or story would be. I then tag them with the season and year for context.

We Are The People Our Ancestors Warned Us About, 2019 Winter

Behind and beyond these titles there is also the movement of time; how it ripples, echoes, changes, freezes and reflects aspects of our shared & fleeting temporal existence. Like any abstraction, the objects in and titles of these vials can literally and sometimes dramatically shift with the passing of days, months and years. We assume the past is “dead” but it’s interesting to watch how our perception of it changes through the futures.

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